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Dr. Usman Lashari


What a journey it has been. Let me personally thank each and every one of you who has contributed in these foundational stages of AIMC-GTT in terms of time, money and effort. Wherever you are in the world and whatever role you have with AIMC-GTT.
Thank you
The impact generated from AIMC-GTT will come from its people whether it is its leadership, its membership or the people whose lives we will touch through our initiatives and programs. We are building an organization where people can openly exchange their ideas in an inclusive environment, conduct shared research programs with willingness to learn from each other, having rich conversations leading to newer insights and the community impact. I would also like to share a personal insight with you all. As we all live in the age of social media and I like yourself am a member of countless WhatsApp groups. I have increasingly observed polarization and fracturing across our social fabric among all walks of life including healthcare and we absolutely lack unity of purpose. The unity of purpose is essential to finding common ground which in turn leads to achieving larger goals. This is where think tank organizations can make an impact. Think tanks can bring together people from diverse backgrounds, opposing world views and different experiences and provide an enabling environment where open exchange of ideas and research can take place which can lead to better understandings of issues at hand and create new knowledge which can be disseminated for a wider impact. We are working on building such organization in healthcare in Pakistan. We are creating unity of purpose in healthcare in Pakistan and beyond. As, I look back over the past few months, it’s quite incredible how far we have come as AIMC- GTT. We have been fully focused to have a global team and want our initiatives to have a much broader audience in Pakistan and across the globe. We are very proud to have an international membership of AIMC- GTT now. Healthcare is, by its nature, is global and affects us all regardless which part of the planet we are living in.COVID-19 showed us that threats to our healthcare and solutions to these threats do no follow any borders. This is the very reason we want this think tank to have global team with global perspective and a global audience so that we can learn and grow together with our global community of healthcare leaders, educators, trainers, researchers and clinicians. We are very excited about what the rest of 2023 and the future years have to offer. Our incredible team has multiple impressive programs of education, training, research, public health events. We very much hope you will get involved and provide leadership where needed. Healthcare in Pakistan is entirely dependent on developments abroad whether it is new treatments, vaccines, novel cancer therapies or using artificial intelligence or machine learning in healthcare. We are hoping to foster collaborative relationship with researchers across the globe and act as a catalyst for indigenous research in Pakistan. We at the AIMC-GTT must believe in making the impossible possible. I would like to share a quote from the author Gabriel García Márquez: “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” I would like all the AIMC-GTT leadership and membership to pursue your dreams, with a shared purpose and a common vision – we will get there Inshallah. We at the AIMC-GTT look forward to working with you all.